Japanese Swordsmanship
Kendo - Iaido - Ken Jutsu - Iai Jutsu - Tanto Jutsu

Kendo, a traditional Japanese martial art offers students something that goes far deeper than mere combat and competitive sport. It offers the traditional values of a very ancient training. Kendo is Japanese Fencing. The combat is quick and intense. This art develops physical fitness, mental concentration, coordination, speed, agility, and timing. Every move must be made with perfect form. Early Japanese Fencing Schools sought to teach effective techniques to train their warriors, without actually using a real blade. So a bamboo sword called a Shinai was devised. The Shinai is the weapon used in modern training and competition in Kendo. Kendo armor is also used when training and in competition but you must move with speed and agility. Kendo, like other oriental martial disciplines, has basic moves which when used in sequence, become intricate maneuvers. The object of Kendo practice is to train the body and mind for combat with the sword.

Iaido, the Japanese martial art of the Katana sword, is a non-combat art. It stresses perfect and elegant control of body and sword. Iaido has been described as moving Zen because of its intense concentration, fluid motion and precise movement. Learn Japanese sword nomenclature and etiquette. Learn the sword techniques that are the basis for all Japanese swordsmanship. Learn the art of drawing the sword and resheathing of the sword. This is the art of the Samurai with the Katana sword.

Ken Jutsu, Iai Jutsu, and Tanto Jutsu are the art of using the Samurai Sword and Dagger for battle. The martial training of the Ken (sword); Iai (drawing the sword); and Tanto (dagger). This training consist of the techniques used by the Samurai; the attacks, blocks, and counter attacks, also unarmed hand techniques used to defend against sword and dagger attacks.

At the academy, Kiraly covers all aspects of fencing; foot drill, weapon drill, tactics, rules, scoring and judging. Open fencing and competitions.

It is important to remember that fencing is dominated by skill not strength, so women can do as well as men. Anyone can fence as long as you are in good health. So call and join now and get in the best shape of your life and enjoy the best art and sport of them all.